Bryan Market ’85

“I highly recommend using the services provided by WPAOG Career Services.  They bring 2 things to you – preparation to pursue positions and access to positions across many career fields.  Their additional partnership with Korn Ferry was instrumental in polishing and refining my approaches.

These people take the time to work with you throughout your entire search process.  They will review your products, discuss with you different techniques, and will continually send positions your way.  They even reached out to a potential company on my behalf. 

Korn Ferry was awesome.  They will put the polish on your approaches and documents.  I found them to be very helpful.

There were takeaways for me that certainly improved my approaches to documents and interview.  Even if they are slightly refining what you are doing it is good to have the affirmation that you are doing things right. If you are just starting out with no job-hunting experience, or have the experience of a few jobs (like me), WPAOG Career Services is going to help you.  Give them an opportunity to help!”