WPAOG Career Services hosts and supports a variety of career and professional development events for our grads.  Our programming includes Job Fairs, Networking Events, Workshops, Employer or Industry Information Sessions and panels.  These programs are designed to provide our grads with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to further their career and professional development and reach their goals.

Job Fairs

Each year WPAOG Career Services hosts a series of four Service Academy Career Conferences (SACC) in cooperation with the alumni organizations of the other four federal service academies. Whether you are making an initial transition from the military, a mid-career move or simply monitoring the job market, the SACC is an excellent opportunity to meet with numerous employers who are interested in hiring service academy graduates.

Go to sacc-jobfair.com to learn more and register to attend.

Networking Events

We support a variety of casual and formal networking events for our grads to meet industry practitioners and reconnect with other grads. These are held locally throughout the year by our West Point Societies, including Founder’s Day, Business Networking Events, Careers and Coffee series and monthly luncheons.

Connect with a West Point Society near you or log into Handshake for the most current list of career/networking events shared by our Societies.


Workshops offer grads the opportunity to learn in-depth about career development topics. Hosted by both Career Services staff and employers, workshops are held online or in-person throughout the year on a variety of topics, including the following:

Information Sessions

Information sessions are a great way for grads to learn about an organization or industry, available or upcoming opportunities as well as key insights about company culture, career pathways, hiring manager expectations, recent projects and details about the hiring process. Delivered mostly online, information sessions are typically an hour and consist of a presentation or panel, followed by a Q&A.

Employer Open House

Occasionally, employers host prospective or invited only candidates to experience a “show-and-tell” held at their facilities. These events highlight the benefits and characteristics of life as an employee at the organization and allow potential candidates to see the work environment, meet team members they may someday work with, and explore some of the more exciting things the organization is working on that is not publicly disclosed. Of course, this is all absent of the pressures that usually accompany any element of the assessment process.